Safety Features Of High Sleeper Beds

High sleeper beds are great for maximising space and giving your child a space to sleep and relax that’s private. Though high up, they are a practical and safe solution for children who are ready for a bigger bed. If you’ve been wondering if a high sleeper bed is safe, modern safety standards mean that high sleeper beds have never been safer, with a wide range of innovative features from glow in the dark step grips to super-wide stairs. In this article, we take a look at some of the best safety features in high sleeper beds and how to choose the best bed for your child.

Sleeper Beds With Stairs

While many sleeper beds have a ladder for access to the top bunk, there are also high sleeper beds that have stairs instead. These are ideal for younger children and a staircase bunk bed can be the perfect transition into a high sleeper. If you have more space, you can also find high sleeper beds which have storage shelves that also function as a staircase.

Glow in the Dark Grips

Another innovative safety feature of modern high sleeper beds is glow in the dark ladder strips. These can be added to a number of different bed designs and make it easier to view each ladder rung if a child wakes up in the night. They also add extra grip, perfect for little feet! The slight glow can also be a comfort for children nervous about sleeping in the dark.

Ladder Position

The position of the ladder or staircase is also important when it comes to choosing a safe sleeper bed. You can find high sleeper beds with a ladder that can be placed in either the left or right position to make sure it is in the safest place depending on your room layout. Some sleeper beds may also have extra handholds or rails so it is important to line up the ladder with these before securing it.

Safety Rails

Another essential feature of high sleeper beds is the safety rail. Depending on the age of your child, you can find bunk beds that have higher safety rails for extra security. Safety rails are great for stopping children from rolling out of bed and providing a barrier. Other sleeper beds have raised side panelling for extra safety.

Wide Steps

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If you’ve been worrying whether a ladder on a high sleeper bed is safe enough for your child, you can also find high sleeper beds which have wide steps designed for easy access. Wider, shallower steps can make climbing much easier for little ones. You can also find sleeper beds that have chunkier ladders designed for easy climbing. Modern sleeper beds are also designed for foot stability and have comfortable cut out handles to ensure a safe climb up into bed.

Ensuring Safe Sleeping

To make sure your child has the safest night sleep possible, it’s important to assemble it based on the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Your child’s mattress should have a maximum depth of 15cm and there should be at least 61cm between the ceiling and the surface of the upper bunk bed. Make sure your child is confident using the ladder or staircase and knows that the upstairs bunk is for sleeping and reading, not playing!

Choosing the Right High Sleeper Bed For Your Child

It is important that your child has a bed that is designed for their age group. High sleeper beds are only advised for children who are aged 6 or above. Think about how much storage space your child needs and whether a built-in wardrobe or drawers would be beneficial too. Choose a high sleeper bed that has all of the safety features your child requires for stress-free nights for you both.