The Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja Mobility Scooter

Are you seeking for an all-terrain mobility scooter that you can use to get around the city or the golf course? Your solution is the Green Transporter Cheeta Ninja. It has a top speed of little under 20 mph and a range of up to 25 miles per charge. Because of its strong motor and substantial tires, it is easy to drive across any terrain.

Have you recently missed the golf course? An all-terrain scooter like the Cheeta Ninja would make the perfect golf partner. It includes useful off-road turf tires. The tires have an 8-inch diameter and a 6-inch width. It’s easy to drive on grass, a golf course, gravel, and dirt.

Whether you want to head back to the golf course or spend the day at the park, the Cheeta Ninja heavy-duty scooter will get you there in style. This Green Transporter mobility scooter can also handle a 35-degree incline, making it perfect for rough terrain. For more on our best foldable power wheelchairs visit Everlasting Mobility.

The Cheeta Ninja’s usual storage area may be expanded to include one front-mounted basket and two rear-mounted baskets to accommodate all of your belongings. Getting ready for a round of golf? It is possible to substitute a golf rack for the back baskets.

A clever design allows you to travel with your golf bag filled with clubs without worrying about it toppling over. It balances your clubs well in the back and is also simple to recharge when necessary.

Would you like to swing while seated? You can swing in the Cheeta Ninja without getting up because the seat can spin. The swivel seat makes it easy and secure to mount and dismount the scooter. Additional comforts like a cooler, storage container, and phone holder are provided to make your day at the course even more convenient.

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