Fun Tricks To Make Your Child Clean Up

Aren’t you tired of constantly having to clean up the mess around the house? The toys, the books and the clothes scattered all around the floor every hour of every day. No matter how much to tell your children to stop making a mess, they just won’t listen.

Well, here are some tips on making your child clean up after the mess they created and have fun doing it.

Turning It Into A Game

Parents can use a timer and set a countdown. Then ask the children to clean their clutter before the time is up. This will turn the CHORE into a CHALLENGE and your child would want to be done with the activity before the timer strikes zero.

You can add a little sibling rivalry to fuel the passion and the children can compete against each other in sorting and organizing.

Provide Exciting Tools

Using grey or white containers and the same dirty cloth or brush can bore your children. You can energize them by providing special small brushes that are pink or blue specifically for your child’s attraction.

Maybe even decorate them or draw on them to make the tools particularly for your child. This will rekindle the charm in cleaning up.

Find Their Motivation

Parents need to observe and look for the idea that would inspire their child into cleaning up. For example, play dates. Your child might not want their friends to see their untidy home or room and would feel embarrassed by the mess.

You can then motivate your child in tidying up before their friends arrive and they will more likely be happy to oblige.

Create A Tidy Time

Now when you set a time for your child to tidy up, they will be prepared. Parents can choose two tidy times a day, for example, before lunch and before bedtime.

Now when your child knows that it is tidy time, they will be less hesitant. The mess will never be overwhelming because your child cleans up twice a day and will be quick to tidy up.

Alternate Solutions

If your child shows resistance to cleaning up, you can create alternate solutions. For example, tell them that you will pick the cars up but they will have to earn them back from you. The child will more likely clean up than have you take it away and have to earn it back.


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