How To Deal With These 6 Bad Habits?

We all have bad habits. Some annoy (both us and those around us), others take up precious time, while the remaining do all of the above. Fortunately, there are working methods that help stop vices in the bud. But, of course, in order to get rid of years of serious habits can take years. And in some cases, even a couple of sessions with a professional psychiatrist.

But it is absolutely possible: psychiatrists, psychologists, and cognitive therapists agree that the first step to getting rid of any bad habit is recognizing it. So, if you notice a repetitive behavior in yourself that you would like to change, consider yourself on the right track.

List of Bad Habits

Here are reasons why the following bad habits appear and how one can deal with them:

1. Constantly Late

Reason: You want to please everyone and try to look good by taking too long to get together. Deep down, you may think that your time is more important than the time of others (or at least those who you always keep waiting to think so). In any case, you lack such time management skills that are needed today.

How To Get Rid Of It: When someone asks you to do something, do not immediately agree. Say what you need to think, and then decide if you have time for this. Also, figure out which tasks always make you late. Maybe it’s drying your hair in the morning. Note how much time it takes, and then allocate the necessary period for that task.

There Are A Couple Of Tricks: Set the clock back 5 minutes and always consider potential unexpected delays. One more thing is to call ahead if you feel like you’re running late. It is kind behavior, and it may prevent you from the shame of repeating calls to be a little more punctual.

2. Alcohol Abuse

Reason: Due to stress, peer pressure, or just trying to look cool, many people take the assistance of alcohol. The most common reason for alcohol abuse today is depression and the pressure of peers. However, remember that this habit is difficult to get rid of once developed. It may take away some years from life too.

How To Deal With It: You need to find professional support to deal with alcohol addiction. If you have no information regarding the treatment process or how to get into rehab, you need to contact addiction helplines. They will provide you with all the necessary information needed to get the right treatment.

3. Procrastination

Reason: Many people tend to procrastinate when they have to do some complex tasks. Dodging these tasks gives them temporary relief. But in the long run, it’s terrible and has a lasting impact on a person’s health.

How To Get Rid Of It: Understand that you are not doing yourself any favor when you procrastinate. Just start doing the task without thinking much. You will notice that eventually, everything will become easier.

A Trick To Get You Started: Take some responsibility and make your friend a witness. If you don’t complete your task by a certain date, tell your friend to ask you about it. When you take responsibility for the consequences, it will force you to complete what you started on time.

4. Overabundance of Energy

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Reason: Perhaps because of the adrenaline rush caused by consuming too much caffeine or sugar, which is why it has to come out somehow. You just want to jump up and down in full energy all day long.

How To Get Rid Of It: If you are used to taking a large triple latte, slow down. In order to control the peaks and troughs of energy, you need to monitor not only your coffee intake but also your sleep and exercise.

Try One Isometric Exercise: Put your hands on your knees and focus on gently bringing your palms together. As for the legs – placing two feet parallel to each other, start pressing them into the floor. Do these exercises until you no longer need to constantly fidget.

5. Chewing Gum Loudly

Reason: It’s a habit that acts as a kind of protective blanket when you’re nervous or worried about something.

How To Get Rid Of It: In fact, a quick and effective solution is to switch to hard candies (although, let’s not dissemble: it’s not very good for your teeth). If you really don’t want to stop chewing gum, ask a friend to stop you every time he/she hears you do it. Keep doing it until you hear yourself and realize how loud and annoying it is.

Imagine that you are the one who should listen (and watch) as you chew gum. Not very cool, right? Perhaps you are too excited to stop. When you hear your own sounds, stop and fix this moment in your memory. Every time you stop, your brain will rewire. Eventually, with a little effort, you will stop doing it altogether.

6. Slouching

Reason: As a child, you could slouch because you were embarrassed by your height, which appeared earlier than those of your peers. As a result, you get used to the wrong position of the back. Another possible reason is that you are just tired and very nervous (for obvious reasons).

How To Get Rid of It: Sign up for dancing, Pilates, or yoga to strengthen the deep muscles of the abdomen and upper back. These muscle groups can become weak with insufficient exercise, but they are needed to maintain a healthy posture.

Start with a very simple slouching exercise, the shrug. There is nothing complicated in it – just touch the earlobes with your shoulders.

Take Away

There are several reasons for the development of bad habits. In this article, we mentioned a list of bad habits and the reasons why they appear. By acting upon these tips, it will help you deal with these habits and live a healthier and longer life.