Top 6 Books on the Path of Spiritual Development

We all love to read, books help us learn new things about the world around us. Each of us loves different genres of books, some fiction, some scientific literature, or novels. The book helps us to calm down or, conversely, to get new impressions. If you want to get the most fun and new experiences, then play online casino games.

Well, if you are looking for a book that will help you calm down and sort yourself out, this article will be useful to you. Below we will analyze the list of books for spiritual development.

“Zen Happiness” – Chris Prentiss

A very simple book where happiness is literally “sorted out on the shelves.” Here the author explains in an accessible way how the laws of the universe work and how to use them – that is, how we create our happiness by thinking.

“The universe will never allow even one imperfect event to happen. When we realize that the event that has occurred is a sign of the Universe, it further activates communication with us.”

“The Alchemist” – Paulo Coelho

Another book tells in an artistic form how we can control reality by recognizing the Signs of the World.

This is an amazing work that can open up to you a life in unity with yourself and the whole World, which will give you warmth, peace of mind, and awareness of your Greatness.

“No matter who you are and what you do, when you truly desire something, you will achieve it, because such a desire originated in the soul of the universe. This is your destiny on Earth.”

“The Diamond Cutter” – Michael Roach

This book is just a must-read for those who want to thrive financially. Because it describes the basic karmic mechanisms that explain where the money comes from. And all things, in principle.

Thanks to which “fingerprints” money appears? Why are some people successful and others not? And how can the second fix it?

“To create money as such, one must be in a generous state of mind, or the Mind that creates money as such must be in generosity.”

“7 Spiritual Laws of Success” – Deepak Chopra

Even more about success is in Deepak Chopra’s book, in which 7 principles are described in a surprisingly simple, concise, and accessible way, if you follow them, you will inevitably come to success.

Having read a lot of both modern popular science books and the oldest Buddhist texts, I can say that this little book includes all the main laws of success (and even with practical tasks).

“However, if there is no peace in your mind, if your mind is like a stormy ocean, then if you throw an entire Empire State Building into it, no results will be noticeable.”

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“Journey Home” – Kryon (Lee Carroll)

So, in this little work, you will find answers to ALL questions regarding Spiritual Evolution, you will begin to breathe easily, your Heart will vibrate with Love and you will wish this to all your loved ones.

“And here is the axiom of human enlightenment: first of all, take care of yourself, and the greatness of your journey will be synchronously transmitted to others because the intention of one always affects many.

As long as you walk the path of knowledge, you will not be left without food, care, and shelter. By giving food and lodging, we honor you and your intention.”

“The Wizard’s Way” – Deepak Chopra

According to the style of presentation, “The Wizard’s Way” is similar to “Journey home”, however, in my opinion, it is for a more “advanced” level. Some understanding of the basics is already required. However, you can read this book and reread it, eventually finding new truths in it.

This is a storehouse and treasure for a person walking on the Spiritual Path. You will be able to find a lot of answers here, your mind will become calm, and your Heart will be hot.

“The mind may succeed in making you a reasonable, well-thinking person, but it is poorly adapted to bring you happiness, satisfaction, peace of mind.”