Interior Garden Design Of New York Model Apartment Unit

New York is one of–if not the busiest cities in the world. The fast-paced life of the urban concrete jungle can feel congested and overwhelming at times. If you’re not careful, you can lose touch with the real world and get consumed by the hustle and bustle.

One of the most effective ways to unwind and find solitude in the big city is by having a home garden, a little jungle within a larger, concrete one. Owning a few plants will improve the air quality in your abode and bring in calming energy to your residence.

While the concept of a home garden in the city of New York is ideal, it may seem complicated to execute. This is further aggravated by the limiting conditions of most apartments in the big apple. Fortunately, with information from garden design courses, no challenge is unbeatable.

Don’t worry; we have interior garden designs to help get your green sanctuary started.

Vertical Gardens

Simply laying your potted plants on your balcony floor can be space-consuming. Even a few additions in your living area can make it feel more congested if not placed optimally.

If you are stripped of space but want to cultivate your own garden, opt for one with a vertical design. Maximize any spare walls, and invest in hanging pots and attachments to keep your plants in place. On the other hand, if that sounds like too much work for you, then purchase a plant tower to make everything more efficient.

Herb Boxes

Now, if you can afford to take up horizontal space on your window sill or a small area in your kitchen, consider creating herb boxes. These are extremely easy to make, and you can repurpose any container you have lying around to accommodate these greens.

Just find a space that receives an appropriate amount of sunlight, a box that does not let water pile up, good soil, and the herbs of your choice. Place this near your kitchen so that you can just pick off your next garnish.

CE515 Basics of Garden Design — New York School of Interior Design

Flower Boxes

If you’re not that keen on growing your ingredients, you can apply the same concept but with flowers. It will serve as more of an aesthetic addition instead of a functional one. This will make your apartment charming and add life in contrast to the drab concrete surrounding the city.

Dwarf Trees

If you want your plants to bear fruits, you don’t have to make space to accommodate a colossal tree, especially if your area is limited. There’s another way to make this possible.

Consider investing in dwarf trees instead! These plants are small but terrible because they are pretty bountiful. Don’t underestimate their fruit-bearing abilities.

It would be best to opt for citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. These are not only bright and pleasant to look at, but they are also nutritious. It’ll also save you a few trips to the market.

Having mini trees in your apartment means you no longer have to fill the place with too many plants. These statement pieces are more than enough to fill the nature void in your home.