How Does Staying at Home Vs Childcare Affect Children?

Parents often find themselves in a dilemma as to whether to put their children in daycare before school or not. Stay-at-home parenting can be a good way to bond with children, but sometimes the child can miss out on a lot of experiences and social interaction. Bright Little Stars offers quality childcare if you decide to put your children in nursery.

In This Blog, We Will Explain The Effects Of Daycare Vs Stay-At-Home Parenting On Children.

No Social Skills

Children who attend daycare spend a lot of time with their peers and attain valuable social skills; a child who does not attend daycare feels uncomfortable in the presence of others and develops social anxiety. The highly trained professionals at daycare facilities make sure children actively participate in conversations and activities that boost their confidence and socialisation skills. Stay-at-home parenting usually does not focus on a child’s social skills, and the child might feel out of touch with the outside world.

Separation Anxiety

The uncertainty that accompanies kindergarten leads to children having separation anxiety and stress. Since these children have never been in a new environment, they do not feel comfortable around new people. On the other hand, children who attend daycare do not show any signs of anxiety as they have been exposed to an educational environment before and look forward to the whole experience.

Lack of Independence

Daycare centres actively teach children the importance of routines and teach them to be independent. These children can comfortably eat and nap on their own. The children at the childcare centre have predictable routines. Moreover, they are given problem-solving projects to foster independence. When children are raised by their parents at home, they are usually highly dependent on them and find it difficult to cope with the responsibilities of growing up.

Pre-Academic Skills

Children who have not attended daycare do not know much about basic school rules or preschool curriculum. They take a while to learn things and might experience a little difficulty due to the changes in their environment. The children who have attended childcare are generally familiar with all the social rules. They already know the alphabet, letters and educational settings before kindergarten, and the transition is less challenging.

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