Here are the best Star Wars Lego sets for 2022

Since Star Wars sets have been around for decades (in fact, some of the best Lego sets have been around since 1999 and The Phantom Menace) Lego definitely has experience in creating the best kits for the stars. As you can see, the vehicles on offer range from those from the original trilogy to the Mandalorians’ new ride, so you will not be short on choice. Millennium Falcons have been manufactured in no fewer than 11 different forms since 2000.

As a result, we’ve found the top Lego Star Wars sets you need more than a lightsaber to complete your collection. No matter your budget, there is an option here for you, so you don’t have to worry about going broke on the best Lego sets. Each model has been updated to the most recent version as well, so you won’t have any trouble finding them. For more information, go to

Millennium Falcon

It is true that the best Star Wars Lego sets are expensive, but they are also awesome. The Millennium Falcon Lego set takes the best parts of the classic set and makes it even better. Although the Ultimate Collector’s edition has a lot of detail, the Rise of Skywalker version is more reasonably priced without compromising authenticity.

In this engrossing take on the galaxy’s most beloved hunk o’ junk, the galaxy’s most handsome Lando alongside Finn, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, D-O, and Resistance informant Bouillon, you will find out that this is a feature packed with details. If you lift the lid of the vehicle, you will find multiple rooms, smuggling compartments, and an enclosed cockpit for two minifigures.

Razor Crest Microfighters

This Lego Star Wars set is one of the best deals on the market right now because the Mandalorian is so popular. In my opinion, it also makes a wonderful cheap Star Wars gift, a stocking stuffer, or a small desk ornament that takes up almost no space.

A Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector’s Item

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The price of this kit is wince-inducingly high, so let’s address it for a second. And you’ll have to put in many hours of work to build it. Although the Ultimate Collector Millennium Falcon is unique in its own way, it also happens to be one of the best Lego Star Wars sets ever.
It’s actually a contender for the biggest Lego set of all time due to its extraordinary level of detail thanks to 7,500 bricks. In addition to capturing the ship’s cobbled-together look, the model opens to reveal the Dejarik holographic game, the gunner’s station, as well as that iconic cockpit that fits four figures. The landing gear and the boarding ramp are even included.

Which Lego Star Wars Set is the Best?

It boils down to your budget and free time to choose the right Lego Star Wars set (it’s worth pointing out up front that some sets are quite expensive, both financial and logistically speaking). Are you looking to build a house quickly but do not want to break the bank? In the end, it is better to stick with a smaller build, such as the Razor Crest Microfighter or the Dark Trooper Attack, if you ask me. Also, adults who want something that is easy to make and isn’t expensive should check out this Darth Vader Helmet if they want a cool display piece.

Among all Lego Star Wars sets, which is the Best?

In our opinion, the Ultimate Collector Millennium Falcon would be a tough choice. The Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon set stands out as the ultimate building experience for fans, as it recreates the most recognizable starship from a galaxy far, far away.

In addition, both the minifigs from the original trilogy and those from the sequels are included. This can serve as an alternative for folks who grew up watching the classic films or who love The Force Awakens (I’m surprised Lando isn’t included, but other than that, it’s great).