Why You Should Buy A Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The Wood Recyclers Association estimates that 5 million tonnes of waste wood is generated in the UK every year, but only 1.4 million tonnes are recycled; the other 3.6 million tons are either burned or landfilled. When you buy a Reclaimed wood table, you are reducing waste, protecting our environment and giving your home a unique piece of furniture.

Country Life farmhouse tables are handcrafted from reclaimed wood, allowing you to break away from the off-the-shelf product that everyone chooses and opt for an environmentally friendly reclaimed wood farmhouse table.

But what are the benefits of choosing a reclaimed wood dining table?

It’s Sustainable

According to the Global Trees campaign, there are 10,000 tree species that are at risk of extinction, which is why purchasing a reclaimed wood dining table is vital for sustainability. In purchasing a reclaimed farmhouse table, you eliminate the need to cut down new trees, so you are choosing something stylish, natural, and rustic that is great for the environment.

It’s Eco-friendly

You can reduce waste and contribute to the environment by recycling old wood. Reclaimed wood not only protects trees, which is good for the environment, but also reduces the need for chemicals that are traditionally used in the lumber production process. In addition, reclaimed wood helps reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used, which can leach into the soil or water.

Reclaimed Wood Tables are More Durable

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Wood from older trees has a denser grain, making it much more durable than wood from younger trees. It will not only give you a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time, but it will also save you money in the long run since you will not have to replace your reclaimed wood dining table for years to come.

Their Character is Stronger

A wood that is older has more depth, markings, and character than a wood that is newer. Almost all Country Life reclaimed farmhouse table top pieces feature minor marks, cracks, and dings here and there, all telling the story of where the wood has come from and adding character to the piece.

We fill any larger holes or marks so that the table is still functional, but even this is done tastefully so that it blends in with the wood.

It’s Unique

No two reclaimed wood pieces, and therefore no two reclaimed wood dining tables, are the same. Country Life tables are handcrafted, giving you the option to choose the wood finish and paint color that best matches your decor.

We have a wide range of reclaimed wood farmhouse tables in our collection, providing the eco-friendly option to anyone seeking beautiful handcrafted furniture without causing harm to our planet.