Mindful Machines: Education and Technology in the Hands of Children

The world of education is integrating technology into its systems. Before, it was chalkboards and books where the kids can learn their lessons. Computers, projectors, and all sorts of digital media are now being used in classrooms. In this article, you’ll get to know the perks and advantages of using technology in educating your child.

Education Then and Now

Looking at education back then and education now is like night and day. There had been so many huge changes over time. For instance, in kindergarten and elementary classes – you only had books and a chalkboard. The teacher is also facilitating the lessons. Also getting these lessons ready takes time.

In comparison to now, today’s education includes a lot of different fields. You get lessons like coding for beginners becoming available to kids these days. There are also a lot of computer games and edutainment content being released for children as a means of learning. Also, thanks to online classes, a laptop for kindergarten is often a need these days.

Why Use Technology In Educating Your Kids?

You have to stay up to date and keep up with the times. Technology is now part of a child’s developing stages. You’re going to end up surprised about the benefits that they can provide to your kids. Here are some of the reasons why a kids laptop provides a multitude of benefits for the child to learn and enjoy the knowledge they acquire at the same time.

  • Technology can excite kindergarteners and young children. Students usually associate the likes of tablets and laptops with fun and excitement. These devices don’t only grab attention and excitement. These excitements, further invigorates the learning experiences that the children will soon face.
  • Technology can prepare children for the future. It seems that technology is going to define a lot in the foreseeable future. Introducing kids to technology at a young age sets them up for success in primary and secondary education. At the same time, they’ll be also up to date with what’s going on nowadays.
  • Technology encourages spontaneous learning. Unlike before, we have to rely on libraries to learn new topics. Nowadays, access to knowledge is at our very own fingertips. A kindergarten student can consult an online encyclopedia these days. Very handy if they are to learn something new and unfamiliar to them.
  • Technology can boost creative thinking. Certain games and edutainment media can help facilitate creativity. For instance, certain puzzle-genre computer games can boost reasoning. Then certain media promote group activities and the like. You have to do a little research first to find the right media to use in your class, though.
  • Technology can introduce new skills. Certain computer games and media promote the development of new skills. As mentioned earlier, puzzle games can promote reasoning. Some games introduce new skills like coding and analysis. Your child has access to a variety of skills that could be useful when they grow up.

These are the advantages of incorporating technology into your child’s learning. At this point, you might ponder the thought of getting a laptop for kindergarten students. However, the next section has some notes for you to consider first. That way, you can harness technology’s potential and help your child grow their knowledge even more.

Keynotes to Benefit From Technology at its Fullest


To harness the power of technology in teaching the next generation at its full potential, there are some notes to consider. Yes, technology is a powerful tool in teaching kindergarten or any young students. However, you will need to consider these factors to harness its potential. Here they are listed:

  • Consider using group activities. Group activities in tandem with technology could promote teamwork and socialization. Technology is a powerful tool in learning, yes but you still need to add the socializing aspect to it.
  • Be mindful of the media that you are going to use. The technological activities that kids should be conducting must have a purpose. Instead of leaving your kids with tablets and letting them go on the internet without supervision,look for the media that has a purpose.

For example, if you are teaching a class, intentionally integrate technology into your lessons. Set the devices with a certain activity locked into place. Guide your students accordingly to the lesson plan. There must be set objectives so that they can learn the skills they need.

  • Be proactive as much as possible. Just because technology is a trend in education doesn’t mean it’s “hands-off” learning at this point. You still need to guide your students in their lessons. Be proactive, and make them feel excited about what they’re about to learn from the lesson. Before teaching them, find the sources that you trust as information sources.

Don’t just give them a tablet or leave them on the computer for hours too. Your child could end up absorbing information that’s not going to be of use in the future. Instead, you must set up some “technology time” and “quality time”. Same reasons as the previous note, you’ll need to help them grow their socializing skills too.

These are some notes for you to consider for your kindergarten student. Technology is a great help to your child’s growing knowledge. There’s still a need for human involvement. You want to ensure that you get your child to grow in all of their developmental skills.


Technology is a potent tool for enhancing a child’s knowledge. Unlike before, we do not have to go to a library or listen attentively to lessons to learn. Nowadays, all this knowledge can be accessed at our fingertips. Children are far more aware of new terms and new knowledge.

However, a powerful tool still needs a bit of human guidance. You want to make sure that whatever knowledge the children are gathering is meaningful. Supervise your kids and check what knowledge are they absorbing. Look up trusted sources that could teach them for the future.

Once you add human guidance to teaching with the use of technology, the full potential is realized. You’ve transformed a mere machine into a mindful machine. It will be a medium that will guide your children and the next generations to come.