How to Create Beaded Jewelry and Accessories

If you are a jewelry artist looking to make beaded jewelry or more involved in beadworks, you must first make certain that you have all essential tools and materials ready. The best way to how to make beaded jewelry is by using various beading techniques. These techniques will help With decorating and making beaded accessories. It will also help you to make your jewelry stay lively and keep daining beads so that it will last long. There are several techniques that will make your jewelry unique and stunning. However, it is important that different beading techniques won’t result to different types of articles. Each technique adds on to the beauty of your beaded jewelry and accessories.

Then, when you are already in the right track of making beaded jewelry and accessories, you can consider to study about different techniques used. There are techniques that use knot, bead wire, metalwork, weaving, embroidery, clamping, fixed weaving, and plaiting. Bead twisting, bead weaving, and bead look are some of the techniques used for creating beaded accessories. You can also learn how to do beaded knitting and bead crocheting uses.

Here are simple but working steps in how to make beaded jewelry and accessories:

1. Get a square of plastic for your bead project.

2. Get beading pliers, an odd tooth pick, colorful beads, stainless steel wire, and nylon 6-patch cord.

3. Cut off the plastic square in a fashion that it fits on one of the teeth picked by your beading pliers. If you do not succeed, you can then try to put it back again by using your hands.

4. Get a small piece of stainless steel wire of 6-patch cord and tie it with a knot on the other end.

5. Then put this fixed loop of 6-patch cord on the center of the other end. This will be the loop for your next bracelet, necklace, anklet, or whatever beaded jewelry and accessories that you are making.

6. Get a small bunch of the beads and twist it into a tight knot before you actually crimp it.

7. Now, get a few more beads and put this into the first loop that already had beading beads inside.

8. Now put the other end of the stainless steel wire around your beaded cord and then pull it straight and tuck it in the side of the loop.

9. Now get another set of beads and place this one into the loop.

10. Then get two more sets of beads and go into the next loop.

11. Now get beads and put this into the last loop with all your beads inside.

12. Now adjust the beads to your taste and if you have any changes go back and switch the beads over until you are pleased with the look.

13. Then wrap your twine with the nylon 6-patch cord and add some beads you have chosen for the beads you have chosen.

14. Stitch the ends shut with your beading pliers.

There is really not much more to it. By combining different techniques with each other, your jewelry will be even more unique and wonderful. You just have to plan it all out and make sure that all you need and have to do is the following. Beading is a wonderful hobby and it is important for every male and female to make and design their own beaded accessories.

It is important to keep your beading techniques applied in your beaded jewelry project to achieve beautiful designs. As a jewelry artist you should always apply your beading techniques. If it is easy to compare with look at it walking down the street wore it and looking at it, someone will jealous of how beautiful the design is and how you made it using your own creative talents.