Four Reasons Why Daycare Nursery Is Good For Your Little One!

Daycare Nurseries are more than just “nurseries” — they are an extension of family life in places such as school, daycare and babysitting. Daycare Nurseries often offer a warm and open environment for children to learn about the world around them through play and interaction with their peers. Parents can also socialize with other parents too.

There are many reasons why parents should choose to place their children in daycare nurseries over traditional daycares or preschools.

1. It Preps Them For School

It makes a lot of sense to start a child on the path to school in a daycare nursery. This is not only because it is one of the first steps they will take towards learning in a classroom environment, but because daycare nurseries are often more structured than preschools.

They offer far more preparation for the formal structure of a classroom environment than most preschools do. It is possible for children to experience something similar within their home life, but daycare nurseries are often more structured, and the teachers there are far more used to dealing with multiple children at once than parents are.

2. They Are Clean and Environmentally Friendly

Nurseries and day care nurseries are very often elaborate environments. They often provide the best cleanliness and hygiene, but some are even more modern than that. They can even include technologies such as computers and music systems in their buildings to help keep children entertained!

This is something visitors to a nursery will notice right away, but what you might not realize is that a lot of the things that make daycare nurseries seem so technologically advanced are because of individual choices made by the staff and facilities themselves.

3. They Provide a Good and Social Atmosphere

Daycare Nurseries are often rather tight communities. They provide a good environment for children to interact with their friends. They even have playtime themes that allow children to get to know each other by playing activities together.

This can also lead to some interesting conversations between parents and their children over time, as well as helping them bond at a young age before they even start school!

4. They offer Nurture and Development

The environment in daycare nurseries is often a nurturing one. They provide a comfortable place for children to learn and grow where they can feel safe and secure.

Nurseries provide a lot of opportunities for children to let their creativity shine through and show off the skills they have, whether it be through art or music or sports.

These places help kids to develop an imagination, which will help them in the future with school work, as well as encourage them to try new things and explore new possibilities within their community.

Bottom Line

At Play Days Academy, we believe that all children have the right to learn and enjoy before, during, and after school in a structured environment. We offer Daycare, Afterschool and Vacation Care services for children from infants to teens in our three beautiful centres in South Leicester. So, if you are looking for a daycare centre or Childcare centre in Leicester, visit us.