Designing Custom Labels for Uniquely Shaped Containers – Creative Tips and Tricks

Branding is an essential part of any product or business, and custom labels are one way to make your products stand out from the competition. With custom labels, you can create unique designs that fit perfectly with the shape and size of your containers – no matter how unusual they may be.

In this article, we’ll provide creative tips and tricks on designing custom labels for uniquely shaped containers. We’ll discuss the importance of considering different materials, colours, sizes, shapes, finishes and adhesives when creating a label design that fits perfectly with its container. So let’s get started!

1. Choose A Material And Printing Method That’s Appropriate For Your Container

When designing a label for your unique container, it’s essential to consider the material and printing method that best suits its shape and size. Depending on the container’s design, you may need to select a thin, flexible material like vinyl that can be applied directly onto the container’s surface. Clear labels are also a great solution as they allow customers to see through them.

2. Create A Template That Fits The Size, Shape, And Texture Of The Container

Once you’ve decided on your label’s material and printing method, it’s time to create a template that will fit exactly with its unique shape. Consider the size and texture of your container when designing the label, as this will help ensure that it fits properly and looks great. You can also opt for die-cut labels to get a custom shape that matches your bottle perfectly.

3. Select Colours That Will Make The Label Stand Out While Still Complementing The Container

The colours you choose for your custom label design should make the label stand out while still complementing the bottle’s shape. Consider how different colours will look against the container’s surface, which will help you decide which ones to use in your design. Bold and vibrant colours can draw attention to your product, while softer pastel shades give a more subtle look.


4. Consider Using Die-Cut Labels For Oddly-Shaped Containers

If you’re looking to create a label that fits an unusually shaped container, then you may want to consider using die-cut labels. This method allows you to get a perfectly customized shape that will fit your container like a glove – no matter how unusual it may be.

5. Make Sure Your Design Is Easy To Read From Different Angles

When designing a custom label, you should make sure that your design can be easily read from different angles. Consider how the label will look when viewed up close or far away, and adjust the font size and colours accordingly. You may need to use a larger font size or brighter colours to make the label readable from all angles.

6. Order Samples To Test Your Design

Once you’ve designed your custom label, it’s crucial to order some samples for testing purposes. This will allow you to see how the design looks on the container and make any necessary adjustments before printing the final labels. By ordering samples, you can ensure your label design looks great and is easy to read from different angles.

By following these creative tips and tricks, you can create a truly unique custom bottle label for any unusually shaped container. Just remember to choose the right material, create a template that fits the container, select colours that will stand out, consider die-cut labels for oddly-shaped containers, make sure your design is easy to read from different angles and order samples to test your design. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind label for any container!