Beauty in Every Corner: Tips for Designing an Modern House


If you find yourself skeptical about the design style or struggling to envision the outcome, there are a few steps you can take. First, gather inspiration from various sources such as architecture magazines, online platforms, or even visiting modern homes. This will help you develop a clearer vision of the design elements you prefer and enable you to communicate your ideas effectively.

If you’re designing or renovating your home, these valuable design tips and features will help you ensure that your home embodies a truly modern design:

Create a Simple Floor Plan 

A key distinction between traditional and modern homes is their floor plan layout and overall shape. Traditional homes often exhibit a somewhat disorganized arrangement of rooms. Modern homes display a deliberate organization, featuring symmetrical elements and rooms strategically placed logically. The resulting floor plan appears straightforward, boasting simple geometric shapes. Spaces are typically rectilinear, emphasizing organizing them around a central circulation path, spine, or connecting element.

Be Intentional With Storage

Strive to create a clutter-free home by storing most items out of sight. Consider the sleek and modern appearance of floor-to-ceiling shelving or cabinetry for integrated storage. Opt for flat slab cabinet door fronts with minimalistic hardware, as they offer clean lines and a contemporary design flair. Avoid traditional styles with recessed panels and decorative wood profiles, as they can look dated. If you prefer wood, use wooden pallets from Vaughan or a quarter-sawn cut instead of plainsawn to avoid the old-fashioned cathedral patterns.

Simplify the Architectural Detailing

Simplifying the details of your home can significantly transform its appearance and ambiance. Start with simplifying the trim. This involves revisiting baseboards, door trim, and window trim, choosing simpler profiles or removing some. Consider eliminating crown moulding, chair moulding, and similar decorative elements. For tiled surfaces, explore large format tiles to reduce the number of grout lines and create a calmer, less busy feel. Regarding modern stairs in Toronto, opt for straightforward details for the treads, risers, stringers, and railing systems. Embracing simplicity will enhance the overall aesthetic and create a more refined atmosphere within your home.

Consider the Home’s Materiality

When choosing exterior siding within a budget, opt for vinyl or fibre-cement board siding with smooth surfaces, avoiding faux wood finishes. Consider wider or larger panel sizes unless you prefer the appearance of narrower ones, akin to wood siding. If your budget permits, explore stucco for a sleek, smooth surface or large sheets of cement board, metal, or wood for a more modern look. However, the detailing is the key to achieving the desired modern aesthetic.

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Consider a Neutral Color Palette

A key element is sticking to a light colour scheme for the interior. Modern interiors often opt for whites and grays to complement contemporary materials. You can add a vibrant accent colour, but ensuring it complements the overall space and maintains balance is essential. Modern homes with larger windows often incorporate the outside views into the interior colour palette. Consider incorporating green tones into the design if you have a beautiful forest view. You can also add lights with different colours to further highlight the room. You can check for different lighting options at the best lighting showroom in Toronto.

Regarding the exterior, the colour choices largely depend on the siding materials used. However, when you have options, many modern homes prefer whites, grays, blacks, and various wood finishes for a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

Be Strict in Your Fixtures, Furniture, and Accessory Selection

When modernizing your home, carefully considering a vast and all-encompassing range of products is crucial. Ensure that you opt for items with a simple and modern design, paying close attention to every detail. Don’t overlook the importance of selecting the right hardware finish. While satin nickel and stainless steel are excellent modern choices, other finishes can also exude a modern aesthetic, depending on your style preferences.

Incorporating maple trees into your modern home’s exterior design will add value to your property and create an outdoor space where you can relax, entertain, and connect with nature. Find the perfect maple trees for sale in Brampton for your exterior, and consult with local nurseries or landscaping experts.

Remember to prioritize simplicity in space layout, materials, detailing, and furnishings when designing your modern home. Keeping things straightforward and minimal will guide you in the right direction for a successful modern home design.