Tips for Helping Children with Their Homework

Doing homework isn’t exactly something that kids love to do, and getting them to sit down and focus can be a little challenging at times. It’s even more difficult to get your kids to get their homework in on time if they are struggling with a certain subject at school. Their difficulty in understanding the topic or what the task is asking them to do can be frustrating, making it easy for them to give up and feel defeated. If you are worried about your kids having a hard time with their homework, here are some tips for helping them.

Set a Homework Schedule

Your Child might not want to do their homework when they get straight in from school, but the later it gets, the less likely they will be able to focus or want to bother with it. Implement a homework schedule where they spend at least an hour (maybe two for older kids with bigger assignments) doing their homework. Where possible, try to make sure this is before their dinner time, as then they can relax after their evening meal.

Be Patient

Homework isn’t just frustrating for your kids, but for parents, too. You have also had a long day at work, taking care of the house, as well as any other daily commitments you might have, so spending time going over homework might not be your preferred activity, either. However, as a parent, you want to help and support your children with their education, so you help them out of love. If your kids are getting irritated or being difficult, try to be patient with them, as if you start getting annoyed with them, this will only make things worse and might upset your kids.

6 Tips for helping kids with homework

Speak to Their Teachers

If you have noticed that your child appears to be finding a certain subject difficult at home, try to arrange a meeting with their teacher to discuss this further. They might be able to let you know if they have any concerns, and you can work together to come up with a plan to give your child some extra help both inside and outside of the classroom. If you have foster children and you are concerned about their struggles with homework and school might be related to being in care, ask if they have said anything to their teachers about this, too. You can also find tips on helping your foster child adjust and excel in school at

Create a Quiet Study Space

Doing their homework in front of the TV isn’t going to help their concentration, and as a result, they won’t be doing their best work. If you want to make homework easier for your kids, then creating a quiet, organized study space can be very useful. It might be sitting at the kitchen table, or perhaps you have a home office that they can use? Even getting them a desk for their bedroom could be a good idea to help them focus and stay comfortable.

If you can see that your kids aren’t doing as well as they could be when it comes to their homework, use these tips and see how each one can make a difference to your child’s education and academic achievements.